The Humber Estuary: A Biography (working title)

As far as I know, no single book has ever addressed the Humber estuary (note: it’s NOT a river!).

I started work on a ‘biography’ of the estuary many years ago, collecting information while I was busy on the now-completed Cleethorpes book (see previous posts).

After a trip of several days around the estuary (and other trips to several tributaries), to re-familiarise myself with it, to learn new (for me) parts, and to take notes and photographs, I had plenty to use for the book.

New work on ‘The Humber Estuary: A Biography’ (a working title) has begun in earnest, and as of the date of this post, we are travelling up the west bank of the River Trent – towards the point at which it joins the Yorkshire River Ouse, to form

The Humber Estuary!
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