Listeria and Me

As part of a recent job interview, I was invited to start with a 20-25-minute presentation on ‚ÄúListeria in Food: An Overview of Test Methods, Result Interpretation and Impacts”.

Since I have been involved with testing foodstuffs and other materials for Listeria, spp. from the outset of its appearance on the scene in the mid-1980s, it seemed appropriate to make this personal: Listeria and Me!

Listeria, spp. – An Experience

Dystonia and Botulinum Toxin

I’m pleased to announce that the in-house journal of the Royal Society of Biology (formerly Institute of Biology), ‘Biologist’ published a review article on the use of Clostridium botulinum toxin in the treatment of dystonias.

The article, ‘The Power of Poison’, was written in conjunction with my friend – and consultant at the Royal Hallamshire hospital, Sheffield – Dr. Richard Grunewald.

The article is also the ‘Biologist’ website: