Food Plants

Finally, I finished my paper, ‘A Systematic Checklist of Food Plants of the World,’ and uploaded it on to!

The paper took c.30 years, on and off.

It was started as a project at Christian Salvesen, where I was Company Microbiologist and general scientific dog’s-body, doing a lot of foreign body identifications: many of them were of plant origin.

I did well over 1,000 reports – which were all destroyed by the recently-new Laboratory Manager (who hadn’t got a clue) when the department was made redundant in 2001.

The paper is available here:]-R&c[0]=AT1t2zDDt6mZetjawOgjYULBoBCQrGHPsWPQVGaBM0bwIwDY4BQxTDeQGpk596qZmdm7tEROzb9q8lX7foNjrNg8DClBB8PZdMKmSqi6EGvZs-t5lXYf_jXRb2BJZRmQWLeTkeSqLgXna-o-U4qb

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